chii2017 - Conference on Hyperspectral Imaging in Industry



chii-Talks 2017

chii-Talks are an organised and guided matchmaking event. On the chii2017 website you can see in advance who will attend the conference, contact the persons you wish to meet with and schedule your meetings for the conference. chii-Talks take place on day 1 of the conference and allow participants to carry out 20-minunte meetings with selected partners.

Meetings can be scheduled from May 2nd till June 2nd 2017. When you arrive at the conference venue, you will receive an agenda with your meetings on that day showing the table and time to meet with your business partner.

This year we will also provide an app for your mobile phone (iOS and Android) so that you are always up to date regarding ongoing events and your chii-Talks meetings.




Picture B2B Meetings



closed since 31 Dec 2017
Registration 24 Jan – 31 Dec
Event 16 Oct – 16 Oct
Language English
Costs 150
Venue Minoriten Saal, Graz
Bilateral Meetings
Participants 134
Meetings 175
Australia 2
Austria 38
Belarus 2
Belgium 7
Canada 4
Denmark 1
Finland 9
France 4
Germany 46
India 1
Iran, Islamic Republic Of 1
Israel 1
Italy 4
Japan 2
Netherlands 6
Norway 5
Portugal 1
Russia 1
Spain 6
Sweden 5
Switzerland 10
United Kingdom 7
United States 4
Total 167
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