chii2017 - Conference on Hyperspectral Imaging in Industry



chii2017 - Collaboration Forum

The chii2017 Collaboration Forum provides both a platform for companies to present their hyperspectral innovations, as well as a space for participants to get a comprehensive market overview of the most important players in the field of industrial hyperspectral imaging.

The chii2017 Collaboration Forum takes place on day 1 of the conference. Several organisations, all of them experts in the field of industrial hyperspectral imaging, will introduce their latest  products and solutions in 10-minute presentations.

The 10-minute limit compels the speakers to focus on the most important topics of their solutions and ensures that the audience is not overloaded with details. The presentations are roughly grouped around various topics such as applications, instruments and solutions. Between the sessions, there will be breaks when participants can meet the presenters to ask questions and to visit the exhibition space.

closed since 31 Dec 2017
Registration 24 Jan – 31 Dec
Event 16 Oct – 16 Oct
Language English
Costs 150
Venue Minoriten Saal, Graz
Bilateral Meetings
Participants 134
Meetings 175
Australia 2
Austria 38
Belarus 2
Belgium 7
Canada 4
Denmark 1
Finland 9
France 4
Germany 46
India 1
Iran, Islamic Republic Of 1
Israel 1
Italy 4
Japan 2
Netherlands 6
Norway 5
Portugal 1
Russia 1
Spain 6
Sweden 5
Switzerland 10
United Kingdom 7
United States 4
Total 167
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