chii2017 - Conference on Hyperspectral Imaging in Industry




Workshop: Photonics 4 Sorting

One of the most well-established industries for hyperspectral imaging is the sorting industry. Besides imaging and sensing, the illumination for the application of hyperspectral imaging in industrial processes is crucial for efficient sorting. With this in mind, this workshop will present cutting edge solutions from the illumination sector.  A discussion on the demands for the sorting industry will also follow. Join the workshop, voice your views and raise your questions!



  • Alternative light sources for NIR spectroscopy and sorting applications
  • Tuning of illumination: latest solutions from the lighting industry


Agenda - Day 2; 15:30 - 18:00:


Welcome and introduction


Photonics Austria (Gerhard Peharz)


Latest solutions for lighting of in-line sorting


Fraunhofer IWS (Wulf Grählert)


Smart lighting design with LED booster technology   EcoCan (Christian Ulrich)


Line lights for VIS, NIR and SWIR


MTD (Lorenz Diener)


Spectrally tunable light sources for VIS/ NIR


Aescusoft (Daniel Spinner)


Developments on Mid-IR laser sources


TU Vienna (Rolf Szedlak)


NIR LEDs for spectroscopic applications


OSRAM (Melanie Sternecker)


Wrap-up und instruction for discussions


Joanneum Research (Alfred Rinnhofer)


Subsequent to the presentations the speakers will be available for discussions in small groups.


Presenters above


Photonics End User Workshops of Photonics21:
The end user workshops are part of an initiative started by the Photonics21 PPP (Public Private Partnership) to bring photonics technologies closer to end user industry and will be conducted in cooperation with National Technology Platforms for Photonics from different member states. The focus of the workshops is on regions with a particularly strong end user industry.


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